Phantom Farm

 Contact us to join our program! We can’t wait to hear from you.

[pf] Phantom farm™ is about building a network of local gardeners from around Kansas City. Our aim is simple. By working with a group of smaller gardeners we can provide larger amounts to charity than one can alone.


Here are two simple ways you can help:

1. Provide a bit of your surplus or extra produce to us.
2. Plant a row and donate just that produce to us.

[pf] Once you’re signed up we’ll tell you where and when to drop off your donations. We will handle the rest!  We check your produce, weigh it, and distribute it out the food banks around Kansas City.

[pf ] Our Phantom Farm™ Project provides local residents the means to be directly involved in the fight to relieve local food poverty and poor nutritional options–one vegetable at a time. We encourage you to join us and help in our fight to relieve local food poverty through organic and local vegetables.