Wildwood Outdoor Education Center |Lacygne, KS

“Urban Growth KC, Zane Long and his staff have become invaluable partners with Wildwood.  Zane has donated his time and expertise assisting Wildwood with implementing gardens to share with the campers and Outdoor School Participants.  Urban Growth developed a gardening curriculum for Wildwood to share with our campers, the materials are designed to cultivate children’s interest in gardening and the activities are all hands on, so the children can take home seed pods to plant in their yard to begin gardening at home.   We can’t thank Zane and Urban Growth enough for their support and the tremendous work they are doing for the Kansas City region!”  Thank You Zane and Urban Growth!

Wildwood Staff



Redemptorist Social Center | Broadway, Kansas City, MO.

“The Center takes great pride in our self-select food pantry that offers our clients fresh produce year round. We are very grateful for the delicious produce donations received from Urban Growth KC. Many of our clients have commented on the homegrown quality and said that receiving fresh produce makes them feel like they’re shopping at the grocery store!”

Diana Kennedy| Executive Director


Central Presbyterian Church is a midtown church in urban Kansas City, MO. It has operated a food pantry for residents of the area since the 1970s.  We understand the importance of a healthy, well balanced diet and decided to start a garden to provide more variety to our patrons.

o23unAY2F9wX7tCZpROCz4hVrEx3wsf--4c6Db4Rt3EIn the summer of 2011 Urban Growth contacted me to offer produce grown in other gardens for our pantry. The food items were good quality and it inspired us to start a garden here at the church. Zane Long of Urban Growth KC offered the services to assist us in our endeavors to start the garden. His guidance, knowledge and experience were very important in planning and building the raised beds garden. His knowledge of issues we had not considered has helped in making our garden a success. Thanks to the support of Urban Growth, we are reaping in the bounty of our hard work.

Julie Smith | Director of the Food and Clothing Pantry


Bare Hands Garden – Prairie Village, Kansas

As a result of getting to know Zane Long, the Founder and director of Urban Growth of Kansas City, I was inspired to plant a garden in my own backyard. Zane checked the grade of my lawn and the path of the sun as it related to my home and yard. Next, together, we penciled a plan to create my very own garden. I anxiously waited from Fall until the next Spring to get started. Everything about this project spoke to me, and I give Zane Long and Urban Growth full credit for the inspiration and help in making my garden a reality. We have created our own food producing garden from Earth’s simple elements, seeds, soil, water and sunlight. Now, my fiancee Virginia, our children and I are soon to be reaping the bounty of our endeavor.We want this garden to be about us. And hopefully about our yield and our kitchen and the neighborhood community we’re building. This is a project of ownership. It wouldn’t have felt the same if I’d paid someone to build it out for me. Me and my bare hands on all fours. Blisters and knuckle scrapes and sweat. And two 4′ x 8′ plots looking like an empty canvas.

Will M. | Homeowner