About Urban Growth


Mission Statement:

To provide fresh produce to charity
through our network of charity gardens,
while teaching urban farming and sustainability.


Our History


In 2009, Urban Growth’s founder, Zane Long, decided that he wanted to help out his local community by donating food to the less fortunate. What better way to do that than by providing fruits and vegetables instead of just canned goods and frozen items? So, in late 2009 Urban Growth KC was founded. In the Spring of 2010, Urban Growth began growing our own local produce to donate to charities around the Kansas City Area. Wanting to provide only organic, local, chemical-free, non-GMO, and super fresh produce–UGKC has gone on to develop two urban farm spaces where all of our fresh produce is grown.  We provide hundreds of servings of fresh produce each season that is all grown from seed, cultivated by our volunteer farm staff, harvested fresh and then donated to our pantry partners within 48 hours. It doesn’t get much fresher than that! With this model, our motto, “Grow good food. Give good food” came to be born. Each season we strive to enlarge our urban farms and produce even more food than we did the previous season. By providing higher quality foods to local food pantries we make more fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to those in need, and improve our pantry partners’ ability to better serve their clients.



The How



We transform areas around Kansas City into urban farms and gardens.


We grow natural and organic produce, which is also chemical-free, at all our sites around Kansas City. All of our produce is grown from seed and cultivated by our staff and volunteers.


We distribute our farm fresh produce to local social centers, food pantries, and other charitable organizations we have partnered with.


For more information or questions please contact us!